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It is worth buying a property on the loft floor in Dubai for those who prefer original and stylish spaces and appreciate functionality in the interior. Such objects have an industrial design, in which laconic details of the decor are skillfully inscribed.

Initially, lofts were built on the site of industrial premises, maintaining the height of the ceilings and the scale of the premises. There are no former factories or factories in Dubai, so loft facilities are created from scratch, preserving all the charms of industrial style.

This type of property is ideal for both a large family and a single person. Dubai lofts are popular with people of all ages and social statuses. They are chosen for permanent residence or temporary for the period of vacation. A loft apartment for rent in Dubai also has a huge demand. The loft is appreciated by tenants who are willing to pay not just for housing, but for style and functionality. Such real estate in Dubai will be a profitable investment that will bring a good rental income.

Apartments for sale in the lofts in Dubai – the main features

The characteristic features of loft objects are high ceilings (3 m), spacious rooms. The design retains the features of a warehouse or production facility: brick walls, protruding metal structures, an open ceiling with communications in plain sight.

Lofts in Dubai are spacious with an abundance of natural light. The scale of the space and huge windows (sometimes on the floor) are the main “chips”. Adjacent rooms are often combined into one (for example, a living room and a kitchen). Zoning is carried out with the help of furniture, partitions (often glass) or contrasting wall finishes of different zones. For example, one surface may be made of brick, the other of concrete.

There are industrial elements: bare pipes, wires, fittings, bulky batteries made of cast iron. Main materials: brick, concrete, wood without processing, metal, textured plaster.

In the loft space, antiquity and novelty are surprisingly in harmony. For example, modern appliances hang on an untreated brick surface. Or a stylish chandelier can be seen against the background of protruding metal beams. There are no frills in the decor. The basic principles of design are conciseness and functionality.

Reasons to buy a loft in Dubai:

  • A wide range of offers. You can easily find a suitable object by layout and area.
  • A profitable investment. Apartments for rent in the loft in Dubai brings an annual income of 5-12%. It depends on the condition, location of the object, transport accessibility and other factors. On average, property owners in the UAE recoup their investments within 8-12 years.
  • Original design. The loft is popular due to its practicality and unusual style solutions. You will always find worthy tenants or buyers for your property.
  • Developed infrastructure. Within walking distance from skyscrapers and residential complexes with lofts there are shops, entertainment venues, fitness centers. You will be able to lead an active lifestyle and enjoy the fast pace of the city.
  • In addition, when buying a property in the amount of 1,000,000 dirhams ($272,249), you will receive a resident visa for yourself and your family members. And this gives the right to live freely in Dubai for 3 or more years.

How much does a loft in Dubai cost, and where to buy it

Suitable areas for buying a loft: Jumeirah Village Circle (ideal for permanent residence), Dubai South (the international airport is located here, from here you can easily get to any Emirate), Downtown Dubai (this is the “heart” of Dubai, one of the most densely populated areas by foreigners).

Also, citizens of other countries are allowed to buy real estate in the following “free zones”: Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina and Dubai Hills Estate.

The cost of a loft in Dubai depends on the distance of the building from the city center and the coast, the type of object (new or secondary), the number of rooms, the total area of housing and other parameters.

Loft prices in Dubai have a wide range. A decent object with an area of 70 sq. m. can be bought for $230,000. Housing of 100  sq. m. in a quiet residential area with a view of the bay will cost about $560,000. Exquisite objects on the second or first coastline with a terrace, a private pool and even a separate entrance cost from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000. And this is not the highest price yet. Luxury real estate in the central areas is even more expensive.

Our real estate agency can help you buy a loft in Dubai cheap and safe. We will select a suitable object in any area of the city where foreigners are allowed to buy real estate. Call us or write in the chat on the website — we will advise you on all issues of buying a home in the UAE.

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