How to choose a property in Dubai by the sea

If you are planning to buy a property in Dubai by the sea, we suggest using our tips to help you make the right choice. We will tell you in which areas it is worth buying housing, and show you what nuances it is important to pay attention to. You will also find out how much real estate costs in Dubai by the sea. 

In which areas is it worth buying real estate in Dubai by the sea

The most popular seaside areas of Dubai among investors and tourists are Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. There is the highest demand for housing, good rental rates and all the advantages of living on the coast. 

Property in Dubai Marina

The area is modern and developed in terms of infrastructure. There is a clean sea, luxurious beaches and free availability of key recreation areas.

People come to Dubai Marina for a vacation, as well as for permanent residence. There are all conditions for the life of a family with children. The area is very beautiful and convenient: there are parks, alleys with comfortable recreation areas, cafes, restaurants, shops. The sea and water activities are within walking distance.

The range of housing is huge. Here you can buy an inexpensive one-bedroom apartment in Dubai, a luxury villa, a penthouse with a beautiful view. Both cheap housing and stylish elite objects are presented.

Real estate prices in Dubai Marina are in the range of 1.2-6.5 million dirhams. The cost depends on the type of housing, number of rooms, location (coastline), furniture, quality of building materials, equipment of the house territory and other factors.

Leasing a house in Dubai Marina for rent, you will receive a good and stable income — about 6% per annum. This area is the third highest rental yield in Dubai.

Property in Palm Jumeirah

This is a man-made island and a real architectural masterpiece. The area is made in the form of a palm branch with leaves surrounded by water. The demand for housing here is very high due to the proximity to the sea, the status and excellent quality of the facilities. This is the most sought-after area in terms of tourism and investment.

The island has various facilities, including luxury properties in Dubai with private beaches. There are both modest houses for 2-3 bedrooms and luxurious houses for 6 bedrooms. Housing has a large price range: from 1.8 million dirhams to several tens of millions. For example, a luxury villa with a large house territory can be bought for 58 million dirhams. 

The houses in Palm Jumeirah have a unique modern design and an interesting layout. The style of most buildings is a combination of modern high-tech, minimalism, and Mediterranean trends. The territory of residential complexes and villas is fenced, carefully guarded. 

Tips for choosing accommodation in Dubai by the sea

  1. Select an object on the coast with a free current, where the water flows along the coast and is updated. This way you will always have access to a clean sea. Especially at such a moment it is worth paying attention if you are going to buy a house on an artificial island.
  2. Look at the cleanliness of the beach. Service organizations that take care of the coast and security work in different ways – the quality of services may vary. And the neatness of the coast and the privacy of the beach depend on them. See how things are on the neighboring plot, whether it is clean enough there. You can even talk to potential neighbors, find out if they are satisfied with everything in the service organization.
  3. Choose a house on the right light side. That is, the one that suits you depending on your daily routine. Is it important for you to relax in the sun or in the shade? Do you want to see the sunrise or the sunsets? The answers to these questions will tell you on which light side it is worth choosing housing.
  4. Find out about the amount of service fees. This is a regular fee for the following services: beach maintenance, garbage collection, etc. The amount of contributions may vary quite a lot from different service companies. 
  5. Choose a residential area where the infrastructure has already been formed, and there is everything you need for a comfortable life, and noisy construction sites are finished.

If you are planning to buy a house in the Emirates to rent or resell in the future, choose an object on the first coastline. Such housing is very popular among tourists and is steadily increasing in price. 

Those who are going to buy apartments in the UAE or a villa to live permanently should choose accommodation by the sea in an area with good transport accessibility. This way you can easily and quickly get to any part of the city.

We will help you choose and buy cheap real estate in Dubai

Our agency will help you find a suitable accommodation in Dubai by the sea and buy it profitably. In our catalog there are objects in various seaside areas of the city. We will find accommodation according to your preferences and budget and accompany the entire transaction process as well as provide reliable legal support. 

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