Real estate in Dubai from the developer 

The Dubai real estate market is replete with various offers, but in this article we want to analyze exactly those options that developers offer. Brand new housing, reduced price and other advantages await you when buying this option. But there are also some features that you need to know about before buying. To learn more and find a solution for yourself – read this article!

Buy real estate from a developer in Dubai: how not to make a mistake when choosing a living space

Every buyer of residential real estate has their own ideas about the ideal housing. For some, the ideal option is a three-bedroom apartment with panoramic windows, and for others – a villa in a gated complex. But when choosing your dream home, you need to pay attention not only to the number of rooms and appearance. Before you make a purchase of real estate in Dubai from a developer, pay attention to the layout, the number of windows, and the principle of their glazing. Your future comfort largely depends on the layout. 


When buying a home from a developer, you will face both pros and cons. The key drawback for many is the long wait for the delivery of the object. But on the other hand, you will find a flexible installment system with a 10% down payment when buying a new building, which is available for another 2 years after the completion of the object.


During the construction of a real estate object, the developer uses only new communication systems. All engineering is designed for active use, it guarantees safety, and also warns of the occurrence of such household problems as clogging of sewer systems, flooding, short circuit of the electrical network. The electrical power that is released ensures the smooth operation of all electrical appliances in the house. 

Types of real estate from a developer in Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market is very diverse. You can choose an apartment, a house, a villa or a townhouse. 

Buy an apartment from a developer

Buying an apartment from a developer in Dubai is not only a high level of comfort for living, but also a profitable investment in the future. Modern technologies and convenient layout are only a small part of what you will get if you decide to buy apartments from a developer in Dubai. The new houses have an attractive design and blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. 


Every year in Dubai, the requirements for the quality of materials are increasing, new and unique technologies are being used, and the latest communication systems are being installed. Moreover, each developer seeks to bypass the other in the originality of its construction, without sacrificing comfort and high standards for life. You can request the necessary information already at the first stages of construction and, based on this, choose the option that suits you. 

Buy a house from a developer

A house from a developer in Dubai is a type of real estate for those who want to immerse themselves in a calm and serene life. As a rule, developers offer to buy this type of property in cozy equipped complexes. This option is suitable for couples with children. Each house has a courtyard adjacent to it, where you can organize a recreation area and barbecue, and also, all objects are under round-the-clock security.

Buy a villa from a developer in Dubai

Buying a villa in Dubai means buying an exclusive property with luxurious living conditions in one of the most modern cities in the world. Developers give buyers the opportunity to purchase objects at the most favorable price and make some changes to the layout during the construction phase. 

Buy a townhouse (maisonette) from the developer

Buying a townhouse in Dubai from a developer is a suitable solution for those who are looking for a compromise between suburban life and the usual benefits of the urban environment. The developer is ready to offer a spacious house with a private garden, swimming pool and parking spaces. Pay attention also to the infrastructure: popular shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as places for entertainment will be within walking distance. 

The cost of real estate from a developer in Dubai

The purchase of real estate from a developer is the purchase of a living space in which no one has lived yet. Having bought a property from a developer in Dubai, you get a brand new apartment, house or townhouse, and not their “history”. The offers from the developer are advantageous because at the construction stage the price per square meter of residential real estate is much lower. For example, the cost of real estate at the construction stage in one of the prestigious districts of Dubai will cost a potential buyer 30% cheaper than when the object is put into operation. 

Real estate from a developer in Dubai: conclusion

Buying different types of properties in Dubai is not only an option for a comfortable life, but also profitable investment offers. If you are planning to buy an apartment, a house or any other type of housing, we recommend considering options from developers. On our website you can choose exactly the real estate option that is the most optimal for you. The area of the property, its price, as well as the distance from the sea and the city center, and the area are the main characteristics that are paid attention to during the purchase. 

The site managers will not only answer all your questions, but also accompany you at all stages of the deal. Write to us to ask your question or ask for the comprehensive help of a real estate agency!


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