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Real estate in Dubai is a prestige, modern technologies and a reliable investment in a rapidly developing metropolis. What’s more, buying a home in Dubai is a chance to stay here for a longer period thanks to a resident visa. The favorable taxation system has led to the fact that many investors want to invest in real estate in Dubai. It doesn’t matter if you are considering housing in the UAE for yourself or investment purposes, we will take care of everything! We will select the necessary options and help you to buy quality real estate in Dubai. With care for clients and professionalism, we help with the purchase, sale, and rental of real estate in Dubai.

About Estate Dubai company

Estate Dubai is a real estate company in Dubai. We help you to find and buy any property in Dubai that you have been dreaming about for so long. Investing in real estate with our company is comfortable and profitable, and most importantly, it is safe: we will advise you on which housing to invest in in the Emirates and what is most suitable for these purposes.  If you need an apartment or a house for rent in Dubai, we will prepare a variety of options: by the sea, in the city center, or the historical district. We provide professional assistance in buying commercial real estate in Dubai. Luxury apartments and villas in one of the fastest-growing countries in the world are waiting for you. Long-term experience with foreign real estate, knowledge of the current real estate market in Dubai and its legal framework helps us to provide quality services. Buying a home in the UAE with our company is full support at all stages and a high-quality result – a purchase of the real estate in Dubai that will serve you for many years. A full range of services for buying and renting a home in Dubai with care for our customers at an actual price without a commission! Choose what you like in our real estate list and be sure: we will always assist and answer your questions!

Properties for sale in Dubai

Dubai is a place of price diversity and choice. Luxury penthouses, elegant residential complexes, and affordable housing. Real estate for sales in the Emirates is not something unrealizable. Due to the variety of options, you will be able to find and buy property in Dubai, even if your budget is limited. Property for sale in Dubai is available to everyone and in this article, you will learn all the steps to buy a house or apartment in Dubai.

Property for rent in Dubai

Renting a property in Dubai takes several stages of preparation and search. First is a budget planning and determining the type of property for rent in the Emirates that you are interested in. It is better that the cost of renting real estate in Dubai does not exceed your real capabilities. To rent an apartment in Dubai you should have a copy and original of your passport and a number of other documents which are discussed in more detail in this article. Also a lease transaction in the UAE requires the signing of an agreement and you would better find a real estate lawyer in Dubai. Our company will help you to carefully study the documents confirming the ownership and rent housing in Dubai that will meet all your needs.

Luxury real estate in Dubai

Spacious areas, panoramic windows, modern technologies, comfort in every detail – this is an elite real estate in Dubai. The main feature of the UAE is special attention to comfort. Each luxury property in the Emirates is expected to have a security system, a smart home, high-quality service, and a variety of places for recreation and work. You can buy luxury property in Dubai Jumeirah, in any of the skyscrapers stretching to the sky. Or even in the highest tower in the world – buy luxury real estate in Burj Khalifa! read more

Real estate in Dubai from a property developers

Housing in Dubai from the developer in the best traditions, but with a touch of modernity. Buying property in Dubai from developers means becoming the first owner of luxury housing on favorable terms. Flexible installment system for the purchase of housing with a down payment of 10%. Favorable installment terms for the purchase of housing from the developer are available at the construction stage and for another 2 years after the completion of the construction of the facility. Look for the latest objects in our property in Dubai list! read more

The cost of real estate in Dubai: property prices

How much property costs in Dubai is an interesting question to discuss. Real Estate prices in the United Arab Emirates continue to grow, as does the demand for it. Buying a home in Dubai now is the best time. The cost of buying real estate in Dubai starts from $110,000 and goes to infinity. You can find luxury housing in the Emirates for more than $40 million – it all depends on your capabilities and desires. read more

Property types in Dubai

Useful Information

Inexpensive real estate in Dubai: cheap property

Inexpensive real estate in the Emirates is a small house or apartment. The main distinguishing feature of budget real estate in Dubai is the remoteness from the noisy center, an older interior and the absence of some of the advantages that new high-rise buildings have. But such real estate options in Dubai are inexpensive – you can find a studio in the range of $110-200,000. Read this article on how to find a quality property option with a limited budget in Dubai.

Real estate in Dubai pros and cons

Buying a property in Dubai is a unique opportunity and a profitable investment. Good payback forecasts and a pleasant taxation system… What can we say about Dubai itself – a city that grew out of the desert, breaking all records and fascinating with the technologies of the future. In addition, owning real estate in Dubai, under certain conditions, gives a resident visa. But buying a house in the UAE consists not only of advantages, there are also a number of pitfalls that we will discuss in this article.

Properties in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the western part of the city, located along the coast. Dubai Marina has the status of the “Pearl of the City”, housing here is considered very prestigious. Real estate in Dubai Marina with a view of the tallest tower in the world, with a height of more than 300 meters, is a unique option for your stay. If you are already dreaming of buying a luxury apartment in Dubai Marina, read this article and learn all the secrets of buying real estate in one of the most elite areas of the United Arab Emirates.

Property to rent in Dubai for a long time

Do you want to know how much it costs to rent a property in Dubai for a long time? The minimum price for long-term rental of real estate in Dubai is about $ 15,000 per year. Modern renovation and furniture, developed infrastructure increase the cost of renting an apartment to an average of 40-50 thousand dollars per year. More detailed calculations and the entire list of rental options in Dubai can be found in this article.

Taxes in the UAE

Dubai is considered a “tax heaven” for property purchases. Investors and those wishing to purchase real estate for their own residence pay only a registration fee – read more about the size and the procedure itself in this article. Taxes in the UAE attract with their availability!

Why invest in Dubai property

The sustainable economy and politics of the United Arab Emirates attract investors. Investing in real estate in the UAE means stability. Why is investing in real estate in Dubai profitable? Because the city continues to develop actively: tourism, technology – all this keeps real estate prices in Dubai at a stable level, which will only grow over the years!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy a property in Dubai without even having the status of a citizen of the UAE. Every year thousands of real estate objects are bought by foreign citizens for themselves or as investments. Now it’s your turn to become a real estate owner in the UAE. All it takes is knowledge and compliance with local laws. To buy property in the Emirates, it is recommended to hire a real estate agent in Dubai who will help you complete the transaction and advise you at all stages. An experienced real estate agency with extensive practice in the foreign market will guide you by hand through all the stages – from the search to the purchase of the very object that you need. You don’t even have to be in the country to buy a house in Dubai!

Real estate in Dubai can be bought in just 1 day, even remotely. You don’t have to be in the Emirates to buy a house here. Entrust the process to professionals, we will help you not only with the search, but also with the collection of documents and the execution of the transaction, even online. And you will get the expected result, saving your time!

Before talking about the price of real estate in Dubai, it is important to decide what exactly you want to buy – is it an apartment or a penthouse in Dubai? Which district? The cost of housing in the United Arab Emirates directly depends on these issues. There are no price limits here, luxury housing in Dubai can cost tens of millions – this city has an endless supply of ideas on how to make life luxurious. And the price for apartments in Dubai starts from $100-150,000.

Write to us and we will help you decide on the budget for buying a house or apartment in Dubai. We will calculate the required amount and offer dozens of options from our real estate database, verified by our realtors!

If you are in love with the United Arab Emirates and are considering the cheapest apartments in Dubai as an opportunity to become a part of this country, then let’s start planning a budget! Real estate prices in the Emirates start from $110-150,000, but each additional convenience will add several tens of thousands to this amount. In our catalog, you can see more options for buying an apartment in Dubai cheaply.

The average property price in Dubai is $5,920 per square meter. But the price of real estate in Dubai is relative. The cost of each square meter is affected by several factors: location, type, class of real estate, year of construction, etc. Elite houses and apartments will cost more due to luxury service, expensive furniture, and high-level comfort. But further away from the sea, in older buildings, you will find a completely different value of the real estate in Dubai.

Prices are relative, and it is difficult to name the exact figure, but a real estate agency can help you find and buy an apartment in Dubai or any other type of housing. You can write to us and specify your budget. We will advise you and tell you which real estate in Dubai you can buy for a certain amount of money!

Buying a property in Dubai is a profitable investment. But apart from that, owning a house in Dubai is an effective way to get a resident visa. It is almost impossible to obtain citizenship in the United Arab Emirates, even if you own real estate, but a resident visa will give you the opportunity to stay in the country for a long time. A residence permit in the Emirates through the purchase of real estate can be obtained only when buying ready-made objects from $205,000.

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