About Estate Dubai company

Estate Dubai is a real estate company in Dubai. We help you to find and buy any property in Dubai that you have been dreaming about for so long. Investing in real estate with our company is comfortable and profitable, and most importantly, it is safe: we will advise you on which housing to invest in in the Emirates and what is most suitable for these purposes. 

If you need an apartment or a house for rent in Dubai, we will prepare a variety of options: by the sea, in the city center, or the historical district. We provide professional assistance in buying commercial real estate in Dubai. Luxury apartments and villas in one of the fastest-growing countries in the world are waiting for you.

Long-term experience with foreign real estate, knowledge of the current real estate market in Dubai and its legal framework helps us to provide quality services. Buying a home in the UAE with our company is full support at all stages and a high-quality result – a purchase of the real estate in Dubai that will serve you for many years. A full range of services for buying and renting a home in Dubai with care for our customers at an actual price without a commission!

Why is it worth buying a property in Dubai? 

Dubai is the seventh city in the world in terms of traffic and tourism. For a couple of decades, it has become the most popular and attractive not only to visit, but also as a place to buy quality real estate. Here you will find favorable conditions for living, business and just quality rest.

Buying a property in the United Arab Emirates is a dream of many of us. Simplified taxation system, simplicity and affordability when buying a home attract buyers from all over the world. On average, the cost of buying a house in Dubai starts from $110,000. The price of renting a house in Dubai on average starts from $50-60 per night.

Buy a house in Dubai with the help of a real estate agency

To find and buy a house or apartment in Dubai, you can contact a real estate agency in Dubai. We will easily find a suitable rental or purchase option for you and guide you by the hand through all the stages of buying a house in Dubai.

Why us? Extensive experience in the Emirates real estate market, a proven database and access to verified information, prices and forecasts are our main advantages. We will easily find a property in Dubai for your budget for your own living or as an investment. And most importantly, we work without commissions from our clients.

What does a real estate agency in Dubai help with?

A real estate agency in Dubai will take on a number of obligations and facilitate the purchase and decision-making process as much as possible. All that remains for you is to enjoy the process and get the result you dream of – a desirable real estate in Dubai. 

Selection of suitable properties

Finding the perfect property in Dubai is a time-consuming process that takes a lot of effort. Our real estate agency in Dubai will help you select a list of properties you are interested in, cut off risky options, organize an apartment viewing and give your assessment. We work with a proven real estate database, provide a real choice and listen to your wishes. As a result of such work, you will receive a whole Dubai real estate list of options, each of which has been selected strictly for your budget and requests.

Universal agency assistance

We will help you choose a property for any purpose: we will tell you what is better to invest in, and which properties in Dubai to buy for your stay. What budget options can you pay attention to, and where you can profitably buy a house in Dubai from a developer.

Knowledge of the real estate market

We quickly select objects, thanks to our knowledge of the market, and help our clients save money, knowing which developers give more discounts.

Choosing suitable installment conditions

Even if you don’t have the entire amount at your disposal right now to buy a house in Dubai, it won’t be a big problem. We will also help you choose real estate options with the most favorable installment terms.

Full support at all stages of work

We help not only with the search, but also with the conclusion of the transaction. It is noteworthy that real estate in Dubai can be bought even in an online format! This process takes from 1 day – which means that very soon you will become the owner of the real estate in Dubai that you dreamed of. And we will help you: we will collect the necessary documents and advise reliable lawyers.

But buying a home in the United Arab Emirates is not the only thing that a real estate agency will help you with. You can also rent a property in Dubai with the help of professionals!

Rent a house in Dubai with a real estate agency

Those who have not yet settled in the Emirates may have difficulty finding a cozy and conveniently located property in Dubai for rent. But a real estate agency can also help you with it.

There are many housing options for rent in the UAE. So many that it can be difficult to decide and understand for sure what will suit you. But long-term rental in Dubai will not be a problem for you, because we will always help you with the choice of an object. The same awaits you if you want to rent a property in Dubai for daily rent. Accommodation in Dubai by the sea, cheap rental of real estate in the Emirates – all of this the real estate agency will find for you.

We provide proven options of housing in Dubai, naming the advantages of each of them so that you can easily decide.

Real estate agency in Dubai

We will help you find among thousands of options the ideal property in Dubai for buying, renting or investing. We will organize the transaction efficiently, save your time and help you rent or buy a house in Dubai. And most importantly, the services of a real estate agency are free, because the real estate seller is responsible for the expenses.

Go to the catalog to select your ideal home using smart filters and ask us any questions!

Best regards, Ekaterina Trunova, Manager Estate Dubai

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