Assistance with moving to Dubai UAE. Business relocation

If you are planning to move to Dubai and/or transfer your business there, we will help with the organization of all processes. It is almost impossible to obtain citizenship in the UAE, only the lucky ones achieve this. But there are other options for how a foreigner can live his whole life in the Emirates without being a local citizen. 

Moving to Dubai for permanent residence: features and opportunities

To become a citizen of the UAE, you need to have a parent with citizenship, marry a local (after marriage registration, a woman receives permanent residence, and after 5 years of marriage — citizenship) or have special services to the country. 

It is very difficult to obtain Emirati citizenship by naturalization. To do this, it is necessary to live in the country for at least 30 years, to master the Arabic language perfectly. But even this does not give a 100% guarantee that you will be given a passport. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to live in the Emirates permanently.

More than 70% of the country’s residents are foreigners and not every one of them has a local passport. Most expats live on the territory of the country and are stateless, having other grounds for permanent residence. Thanks to real estate and business investment programs, foreigners can settle in the UAE and live there for life, which is actually equivalent to permanent residence. 

How to get a residence permit in the UAE

Terms such as permanent residence or residence permit are not used in the Emirates. To move to Dubai, long-term resident visas are issued, which vary in duration and employment opportunities in the country:

  • highly qualified specialists and real estate investors in the amount of 10,000,000 dirhams (approximately 2,722,496 dollars) are issued a visa for 10 years;
  • investors in real estate in the amount of 5,000,000 dirhams (about 1,361,248 dollars) – for 5 years;
  • buyers of real estate in the amount of  1,000,000 dirhams ($272,249) – for 3 years;
  • employed in local companies — for 2 years. 

Applying for a three-year resident visa is the most popular way to get a residence permit and move to Dubai. It is issued to the applicant and all family members. Gives the right to live in the country (with mandatory departure every 6 months) and open an account in a local bank. After the expiration of the period, the resident visa is renewed. 

Also, many apply for a resident visa through investments in a local business or the opening of an onshore company. In this case, the foreigner also receives a permit to stay in the country for 3 years with the possibility of extension.

Relocation of business in the UAE

If you have your own business, it can be moved to Dubai. The attractiveness of the Emirates for starting a business is in the absence of income taxes, an acceptable legislative framework, a developed economy, the absence of corruption and the stability of the local currency. 

Relocation of business to Dubai is an opportunity to work freely with all EU countries and with the USA without any restrictions, since the company will be considered Emirati. In addition, having the company in Dubai is prestigious, so foreign contractors will be more loyal to you. You will be able to conduct business in the UAE and not live there permanently because you can entrust the management of affairs to a local organization. 

The business will need to be officially registered in the relevant Registry and pay all fees provided for by the legislation of the UAE. The company must be onshore (located in the “free zone)”. Its registration will need to be renewed every year. A prerequisite is that the company must have a rented or own office in Dubai.

We will accompany you in registering a company in the Emirates, and will advise you on all legal issues. Our professionals will tell you where and how to open a bank account, and will help you to arrange all the documents correctly. We will represent your interests in obtaining licenses and permits, approvals from local authorities. And also after the registration of the company, our specialist will help you get a resident visa for you and your family members. 

We will help you move to Dubai 

Our agency offers comprehensive support when moving to the UAE. We will find you a suitable place to buy or rent. If necessary, we will select options for schools or kindergartens where you can send your children. Then, we will tell you how to arrange utilities, communication services.

Our experts will advise you on all aspects of obtaining a resident visa in the UAE, provide full legal support in this matter and help you to issue documents. We will also tell you which health insurance packages are the most profitable. 

If you are planning to transfer your business to Dubai or open a new one, we will help you with registering a company and opening a bank account. Our agency will also select office options for rent or purchase.

Contact us by phone or in a chat on the website — we will tell you what you need to move to Dubai.

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