Cheap property in Dubai

Dubai is associated with innovation, luxury and chic. It’s hard to disagree with this, and indeed, there are plenty of luxury villas and apartments here. But this does not mean that you will not find budget real estate options in Dubai. There are plenty of them here, too, and in this article we will tell you how to find inexpensive real estate in Dubai.

Cheap real estate in Dubai: what you should pay attention to when buying a home in Dubai

Professional realtors advise paying attention not only to the cost of square meters, but also to the characteristics of the object, its location, the size of the living area, the remoteness or proximity of infrastructure facilities, the management company and real estate costs when buying cheap apartments in Dubai as well as villas. 

Buying cheap real estate in Dubai: the cost of housing depending on the area

For those who are puzzled by buying inexpensive real estate in Dubai, we recommend paying attention to the peripheral areas of International City, Emaar Beachfront and Dubailand. Here you can buy the most inexpensive housing in the city. The cost of renting an apartment starts from $ 10,000, and you can buy inexpensive real estate in Dubai from $ 100,000. The cost of the object is influenced, in addition to the area, by the type of living space, distance from the sea and the location of socially significant objects: schools, medical institutions, pharmacies, cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, shops, etc. 

International City is one of the most modern districts in Dubai, which is divided into subcommunities. They, in turn, are made in the style of different countries. The most affordable housing stock is concentrated in this area. There is an annual increase in demand not only for the purchase of real estate, but also for rent. In the area you can buy apartments and villas. The cost of a studio apartment in this area starts from $60,000. This area is mainly for those who prefer a quiet lifestyle. Low-rise buildings are concentrated there. 

Emaar Beachfront is a new area in Dubai, offering stunning views of the Arabian Sea on Emaar Beach. This is an artificial peninsula, which is located between Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Residences. Here you can buy inexpensive real estate by local standards. Its price starts from $400,000. Among cheap houses in Dubai, it is possible to distinguish those that are most popular with buyers. These are apartments and duplex apartments. This is an area of multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers. It is attractive for tourists and investors. Numerous hotels, residences, yacht clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues are located here.

Dubiland is a “city within a city”, an actively developing area with its own infrastructure and a lot of entertainment for tourists. Housing prices here are really affordable: you can buy a studio in Dubai for just $85,000.

We can also add the Villa area to the rating, which is perfect if you want to find and buy a cheap house in Dubai for you and your family and the Dubai Hills Estate area, with a fairly good price-quality ratio. 

The cheapest real estate in the UAE: what you need to know

There are two important facts you need to know when you are looking for ways to buy property in the UAE inexpensively. 

Firstly, do not be afraid of the “old fund”. Dubai real estate belonging to this category is far from familiar to us. The old fund in Dubai is also housing aged from 10-15 years, simply because the technology and standards of construction, including materials for use, are changing rapidly.

Secondly, the larger the quadrature of the object, the cheaper each square meter will cost you. 

Buy cheap real estate in Dubai

The choice of housing to buy in Dubai is huge. Offers of inexpensive objects are also not isolated. But how not to make a mistake with the quality when you want to save your money? How to choose for yourself exactly what you wanted so much among all the variety? 

To do this, you can contact a real estate agency in Dubai! We will save you time by selecting for you all the inexpensive housing properties in Dubai that meet your needs, our realtors will organize a viewing so that you find exactly what you want! 

Do not hesitate to ask us questions, study the catalog of objects and learn more about the properties you like. For the convenience of finding inexpensive real estate in Dubai, you can choose to search in ascending price filters.

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