Long-term rental of real estate in Dubai UAE

If you plan to come to the UAE for a year or more, our agency will help you rent an apartment in Dubai. We are also engaged in commercial properties: offices, warehouses, shops.

Long-term rental of apartments in the UAE is the most profitable and comfortable option for foreigners who plan to stay in the Emirates, but are not going to move there permanently. We will find accommodation in a short time that is suitable for the price, location and other parameters. We will take care of the correct registration of all lease documents, and make sure of the reliability of the landlord. With us you can rent an apartment in Dubai cheap and without hassle.

Rent a house in Dubai: features of long-term rental 

Housing in Dubai is for long-term rent for at least a year. Payment is made immediately a year in advance or in parts – divided into 3-4 checks. The second method is the most optimal, and it is almost always chosen by tenants. There is also a monthly payment option, but it is more expensive.

To rent a house, you will need to sign a contract, and this can only be done by a resident. Accordingly, you must have a resident visa.

The cost of housing, as a rule, is indicated immediately for the year. It is customary to bargain with landlords, so you can get a good discount. Almost always, housing in the Emirates is rented through agencies. It is almost impossible to rent an apartment in Dubai without intermediaries.

Rent an apartment in the United Arab Emirates: where is it better to rent a house

  • Downtown Dubai. This is an area with the most modern infrastructure. Here is the best shopping and a variety of entertainment. An ideal place for those who like to be in the thick of things. Housing prices are usually high. It is extremely difficult to find something budget-friendly. 
  • Deira. One of the oldest districts of the city, is the historical center. Modern and ancient buildings are mixed here in an original way, colorful bazaars and skyscrapers made of metal and glass are side by side. This is a place of contrasts, where you can rent an apartment in Dubai quite inexpensively. But there is a disadvantage: there is only one beach, where it is always crowded.
  • Dubai Marina. A tourist area where there is everything for the comfort of guests. Modern infrastructure, entertainment. Housing is expensive here, and there are always a lot of tourists.
  • Bur Dubai. An area with interesting sights of the Old Town, but without a beach. It is quite noisy here because of the abundance of tourists. There are good options for budget housing. This is an ideal option for those who want to feel the flavor of Dubai and feel the pace of this city.
  • Jumeirah. The most touristic area of Dubai. There are all kinds of attractions, shopping centers and even a water park. Since the demand for housing here is very high, there are no inexpensive apartments for rent.

Rent an apartment in Dubai: price

Housing for rent is presented in a wide price range. The cost depends on the prestige of the area, distance from the coast, area, quality of repair, technical equipment, and other factors. Fully furnished apartments for longterm rent in Dubai will cost more. 

In addition, the rental rate varies depending on the time of year. The most “expensive” periods for renting housing are October-April, when the tourist season is in full swing in Dubai. From May to September, when the heat is unbearable outside, the housing market falls along with prices. During this period, you can rent an apartment 20-30% cheaper. For example, a one-bedroom apartment will cost $ 30,000 / year. 

The cost of renting real estate in the Emirates directly depends on the location of the object. In the Palm Jumeirah area, you can rent a house for $ 35,000 -$62,000/year, in Dubai Marina – for $ 15,000 – $ 46,300/year, in Downtown – for $ 17,700 – $ 51,700/year.

In addition to paying rent, which must be paid immediately a year in advance or divided into several parts, you will need to pay a deposit to the landlord. It can be different: the amount of the monthly payment or 50% of it. Also, the security deposit can be equal to 5-10% of the annual rent. 

Also, for renting housing in Dubai, you need to provide for the following expenses: a deposit to a company that supplies electricity, registration of a lease agreement, Internet connection, etc. All this averages about $2500. In total, with the annual rent, the contribution turns out to be rather big. But on the other hand, you will not need to think about rent payments every month, but only about utility costs.

We will help with the rental of real estate in Dubai

Our agency will help you rent a house in Dubai. We have a large database of facilities in various districts of the city. There are both budget options and luxury apartments, villas and furnished apartments for longterm rent in Dubai.

We cooperate only with verified landlords who have everything in order with real estate documents. We will make sure that the lease agreement is drawn up correctly, we will make sure that all your interests are respected. You can be sure that you will rent a house safely, will not run into problems and will not lose money. 

You do not have to study object catalogs yourself, search for information on the site. We will select housing options that will fully meet your request. And this is the case when expectations and reality will exactly coincide.

Contact us by phone or in a chat on the website – consultants will tell you about all the features of long-term rental of real estate in the UAE, as well as make an individual selection of objects.

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