Property management in Dubai UAE

If you have purchased a house in the UAE and plan to rent it out while living in another country, we offer real estate management services in Dubai. Proper maintenance of an object directly affects its condition and rental value, which means your income. We will help you solve all issues with the maintenance of your property.

We will also free you from all the hassle associated with the object. You will be able to remotely receive a stable rental profit of $ 1200 per month, without searching for a tenant, housing maintenance, solving problems with household chores. We will monitor everything on the spot and keep you informed.

What tasks do we solve in real estate management in the UAE

We will take care of all the issues that may arise with your property. Starting from finding a tenant, ending with plumbing repairs.

As your representatives, we will perform the following tasks for renting real estate in the UAE:

  • Selection of a tenant. We will find suitable tenants in a short time. We will place an advertisement about the object on Internet sites, make professional photos and a suitable description. We will carefully check the applicants for rent. We will make sure that they are able to pay for housing regularly – take care of it and strictly comply with all rental conditions. 
  • Paperwork for renting an apartment in the United Arab Emirates. We will draw up and sign a lease agreement, we will renew it. Our professionals register rental contracts in the Ejari system. We will pay the bills of the management company and utility providers, etc.
  • Solving issues with payment. We will collect the payment from the tenants observing the deadlines, and forward it to you. 
  • Organizational questions on real estate rental in Dubai. Our team will prepare a villa or apartment for rent and make sure that the tenants have everything they need. We will meet them, hand over the keys and solve other issues for the comfort of tenants. We’ll pick up the keys at the eviction.
  • Repair and maintenance of housing in Dubai. Our realtors accept real estate from the developer eliminating defects if any. We will take care of cosmetic repairs, the normal condition of plumbing and electrics before renting and in the process, if something breaks. 
  • Real estate valuation in Dubai and insurance. 

We will also resolve legal issues with tenants in case of disagreement, arrange eviction in case of non-compliance with the terms of the lease.

Why you should order property management in Dubai from us

You will be spared the hassle of housing maintenance and will be able to receive timely and stable income from its delivery. We will always keep you up to date with the trends in the real estate market so that you know the current prices for renting real estate in the UAE.

We will make sure that the tenants are located as quickly as possible, and there is no failure in the payment schedule. You can always ask us any questions about the object and promptly receive information and any documents. 

Our agency will provide a turnkey service — a full range of services related to real estate. You will be able not to worry about the safety of housing, relations with tenants, the payback of the object. We will take care of the optimal pricing for your apartment or villa in accordance with the current market situation. We will reduce expenses so that you can get the maximum income and quickly recoup your investment in real estate in the UAE.

You can find out more by phone. Managers will give advice on the management of real estate in Dubai, tell you about the cost of the service and the procedure for its registration.

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