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A few decades ago apartments for sale in Dubai seemed like an unattainable dream. Now real estate in the UAE, especially in Dubai, is at the peak of consumer demand. And one of the largest cities in the world is ready to offer you many options for buying a dream apartment. In this article we will look at everything that those who want to buy apartments in Dubai need to know.

Reasons for buying an apartment in Dubai

Buying a property in Dubai is a smart investment in the future. This is not only the sun, sea and sand, a popular tourist destination for family and active recreation, but also transport accessibility, developed infrastructure and high quality of life.

Dubai is the city of the future, which many people want to plunge into. Local developers have taken care to provide residents with all the amenities, they have brought prestige and aesthetics to every building in Dubai. Almost every modern residential complex has an enclosed club space. It accommodates cinemas, recreation areas, gyms, beauty zones, restaurants and much more.

Even the cheapest apartment in Dubai will provide you with a high quality of life.

Potential buyers are attracted by a transparent taxation system, no taxes on income and sale of real estate. In the UAE, the purchase of real estate takes only a few hours, because the entire document flow has been transferred to an electronic system.

5 reasons to buy apartments in Dubai

There is a whole list of reasons, after learning about which, many will immediately think about buying apartments in Dubai. 

Here are some of them:

  • Payback. Many investors and entrepreneurs are looking for an apartment to buy in Dubai, and the prices do not scare them because they are sure that their investments will not burn out. The high profitability of apts for rent in Dubai and the lack of difficulties in reselling real estate in the Emirates speak for themselves.
  • Attractive tax regime. Residential real estate and income from renting it out are not taxed in the UAE.
  • Economic stability. The UAE has grown at a rapid pace. The country never ceases to amaze tourists from all over the world, thereby providing a stable ground for its development.
  • Safety. If you are in the UAE, you don’t have to worry about your safety.
  • A constant influx of immigrants. The population of the UAE is growing very fast. This is due to the fact that the country is attractive not only for tourists, but also is a favorable place for employment.

Where to buy luxury apartments in Dubai

If you are interested in luxury housing, as an option, you can buy an apartment in Dubai Marina. The district is located in the western part of Dubai. The area of this place is only 4 sq. km. But this does not prevent it from being the epitome of luxury and traditional hospitality.

Dubai Marina district is one of the most prestigious, expensive and sought-after areas for buying real estate in Dubai. Both residents of the country and foreign citizens dream of buying an apartment in Dubai Marina. This is one of the most prestigious places where you will find luxury service apartments in Dubai. It combines ultra-modern urban development, rich infrastructure and beaches within walking distance. Buying an apartment in Dubai Marina is a good investment in real estate, the price of which increases from year to year.

Palm Jumeirah is the second most popular area in Dubai among investors and tourists. The island has all the competitive advantages, and there are more and more people who want to buy shoreline Palm Jumeirah apartments every year.

Jumeirah Island is a miracle of modern architecture in the form of a date palm. Here you will find almost all the most expensive real estate in Dubai (luxury villas, attractive penthouses, panoramic apartments in Dubai), as well as shopping malls, clean beaches and everything you need for a comfortable life.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Dubai?

The real estate market in Dubai is very diverse. The cost of an apartment in Dubai depends on the needs of potential buyers, their requests and preferences. Prices for apartments in Dubai start from €100,000. Dubai apartment price dynamics depend on the geography of construction, the unique characteristics of the project and, of course, the area. The value of real estate in Dubai is only increasing every year. According to experts, this is facilitated by the political situation, the economic status of the state, and a large flow of tourists and investors.

If you want to buy a cheap apartment in Dubai, we would recommend to take a closer look at houses of 10-15 years of age. They will be much cheaper than new buildings. This is due to the fact that in the UAE the requirements for construction are periodically increased and it would seem not so long ago rebuilt houses belong to the old fund. Even more people can buy such inexpensive apartments in Dubai.

Buying an apartment in Dubai: conclusion

The popularity of buying apartments in Dubai is increasing every year. It’s no secret that this directly affects the increase in its value. The longer you think, the more budget you will have to save. You can open the catalog on our website to see the options. There is a currency switch on the website and you can see the prices of apartments in Dubai in euro, dollars or rubles.

Grab the opportunity now! Don’t know where to buy an apartment in Dubai? What to choose? A real estate agency in Dubai will help you with this. We have a proven database of real estate. Our realtors will help you choose an option for your needs and choose the most favorable conditions for installments! We will tell you where and how to buy an apartment in Dubai.

Ask your questions – get detailed answers! Choose our real estate agency to find and buy a dream apartment in Dubai!


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