Luxury real estate in Dubai

Dubai is rightfully considered the investment center of the United Arab Emirates. The local real estate market offers to purchase luxury villas and townhouses as well as apartments in the most prestigious residences of the city not only for living, but also as an investment object. If you want to become the owner of premium segment real estate in Dubai, then we will help you choose the option that meets all your needs.   

New luxury real estate in Dubai 

The luxury real estate market in Dubai lives by its own laws. It is used to distancing itself from the mass real estate. The luxury real estate market in Dubai offers potential buyers apartments, penthouses, townhouses, villas and houses. All these properties demonstrate the status of their future owner. 

Premium segment real estate in Dubai is primarily spacious squares, panoramic windows offering stunning views of the city or seascapes, a private plot of land (when it comes to villas and townhouses). Dubai also pays great attention to infrastructure. It is very important that educational institutions, cafes and restaurants, shops, gyms and everything that is so necessary for a comfortable life are located within walking distance from the residential facility. Professional realtors report that when choosing luxury real estate in Dubai, potential buyers are guided by the following points: 

  • New buildings are in the lead. If a few years ago buyers were paying attention to secondary luxury real estate in Dubai, now all interest has shifted to new buildings. Future owners of luxury real estate in Dubai are looking with great interest at the primary residential area from the developer. After all, this is a guarantee that the future owner will purchase a property with a more modern layout and a new-fangled interior.     
  • Architecture and location. Luxury real estate in Dubai is mainly concentrated in areas such as Dubai Land, Downtown, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and Emaar Beachfront. It is in these areas that developers offer to buy real estate of increased comfort, which is ideal for dynamic individuals and couples with children. When choosing luxury real estate in a particular area, potential buyers are guided by personal preferences, taste and lifestyle.    
  • Modern design and layout. The premium segment real estate market in Dubai annually demonstrates new types of objects made in a modern design. The new elite projects feature layouts with dressing rooms, spacious kitchens and living rooms, and cozy bedrooms. Here you will not see “unnecessary” rooms. The living space is equipped with built-in furniture and appliances, as well as smart gadgets.    
  • Technological relevance. During the construction process of real estate in the premium segment, developers pay special attention to materials, technical equipment and competent zoning of residential space. The elite segment real estate in Dubai has a modern air conditioning, ventilation and water purification system. The interior design uses a conceptual lighting system and furniture made of natural materials. 

How much does luxury real estate in Dubai cost?

The cost of elite real estate in Dubai depends primarily on the type of object, the area of accommodation, the attached amenities, as well as the distance from the sea. The most expensive and prestigious areas in Dubai are Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. It is here that a large number of residential complexes of the premium segment are concentrated. 

For example, the cost of an elite apartment in Dubai Marina starts from $540,000.

The price of an elite townhouse in Dubai with 3 bedrooms with parking spaces and direct access to the beach will start from $1,950,000.

A spacious villa with a swimming pool and a garden will cost about $ 3 million.

If we consider the Palm Jumeirah area, then the cost of premium segment real estate starts from $450,000.

Elite housing in Dubai 

Luxury real estate in Dubai is a premium class project for living, adapted to modern realities. This is not only an up-to-date design that fits seamlessly into the environment of Dubai residences, but also modern and functional engineering equipment of the future living space. If you want to become the owner of luxury real estate in Dubai, but do not know what to choose – we recommend contacting our real estate agency.

Professional realtors will help with the choice and accompany you at all stages of the purchase of housing. If you still have any questions – write to us!

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