Selling real estate in Dubai UAE

The sale of real estate in Dubai is one of the activities of our agency. If you own an apartment, villa or office in the UAE and want to find buyers for your property, we will help you sell the property quickly and without hassle. Using the help of professionals, you can save time and make a good profit while being in another country.

We are a licensed agency, who provide full legal support of the transaction and solve issues with the sale of real estate turnkey. With us you will be able to sell to find buyers quickly and without headaches. 

What services do we offer for the sale of apartments in the UAE:

  • Adequate pricing. We will compare prices for objects similar to yours, analyze the current situation in the real estate market and determine the optimal cost. 
  • Professional advertising. We will make a high-quality shooting of the object, prepare ads and place them on specialized online platforms. We will also set up advertising campaigns in search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.) and social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).
  • A personal manager is in touch 24/7. A specially assigned specialist will be responsible for your facility. He will monitor the placement of ads and responses to them, organize viewings, communicate with potential buyers, and solve all organizational questions. You will be able to contact the manager at any time and get full information about the state of affairs.
  • Buyer verification. We will make sure of the legality and validity of the documents of the other party, we will make sure of the solvency of the potential buyer. 
  • Preparation of documents. We will draw up a purchase and sale agreement, take care of interaction with the Dubai Land Department and all paper issues.
  • Solution of payment issues. We will receive the funds from the buyer in full on time and transfer them to you. 

Sale of real estate in the UAE: features

Real estate purchase and sale transactions in Dubai are safe, transparent and strictly controlled by the state. When selling an apartment, you do not need to pay income tax — the profit in full goes to the seller. The only thing you need to pay is a registration fee — 2% of the cost of the object. 

For the sale of an apartment in Dubai, the Land Department has introduced mandatory templates of purchase and sale agreements. These unified documents are used in all real estate transactions and can be supplemented with special conditions.

The contract contains the following data: 

  • description of the property, 
  • purchase price, 
  • settlement date, 
  • termination conditions, 
  • dispute resolution procedure 
  • and other important points for the transaction. 

The document does not require notarization.

For the security of the transaction, the seller guarantees that he has the right to sell this property, that the object is free from encumbrances and collateral and has no outstanding debts (service fees, etc.).

The contract signed on both sides is transferred to the Land Department for registration. It usually takes 2 months to complete a purchase and sale transaction. Then the department issues the buyer the title documents for the property.

What determines the value of real estate in Dubai

The cost of housing depends on the location of the object: the prestige of the area and proximity to the sea. For example, an apartment on the popular tourist island of Palm Jumeirah costs more than an object in a developed central area of Dubai. 

The sale of apartments in the UAE will be more profitable under the following conditions:

  • beautiful view from the window, the overall aesthetic appeal of the project;
  • the presence of a private pool and garden;
  • high level of service in the residential complex;
  • fame and credibility of the developer;
  • good condition of the apartment: high-quality finishing, various technical equipment, furniture;
  • a small number of apartments on the floor — there are no many neighbors, less noise;
  • panoramic glazing;
  • spacious utility rooms;
  • the presence of a balcony or a private terrace.

What makes the object cheaper:

  • location in an area remote from the center and the sea with poor infrastructure;
  • unsettled house territory;
  • cramped parking;
  • poor condition of the entrance: unpleasant smell, lack of elevator, old repairs in the corridors;
  • poor sound insulation: sounds are heard from the street, from the elevator shaft, neighboring apartments;
  • cramped and dark rooms, small windows, small or combined bathroom;
  • bad view from the window: on the construction site, the roadway, the trash;
  • location on the ground floor;
  • no balcony;
  • the current lease agreement. 

We will perform a competent assessment of the object, taking into account all its features. Our real estate agency helps you profitably present the advantages of real estate in order to attract a buyer. Decide whether you want to sell the object as quickly as possible or as expensive as possible. In accordance with this, we will set the optimal price for the sale of apartments in Dubai.

Selling real estate in the Emirates quickly and safely

Our agency will take care of all issues related to the sale of real estate: starting from the preparation of the object for sale, ending with the transfer of funds received from the buyer. You can entrust us with the transaction and put full control in our hands. You will always be aware of and participate in the process through communication with your personal manager. 

Call us or write in the chat on the website – the consultants will tell you about all the features of the sale of real estate in Dubai.

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